Photography Is An Essence Of Who I Am

I love photography not only because it is fun, creative, aesthetic, but most importantly, it is a way to express myself. Photography gives me a chance to share my perspective and voice my opinions. I can "talk" about what I believe and what I value, through what I photograph and the way I represent them. Photography is also satisfying for me, especially when I finally shot the photo I have been longing for, or when I see the smiles my pictures put on people's faces. Additionally, photography is never boring for me. I intentionally look for new photo-shooting spots and sometimes run into surprisingly great weather conditons. So every photo is different, even I shoot from the exactly same position. It teaches me to look from different perspectives and develops my love for the world and life more and more each day.

Celebrating the Nature and Landscape

I am constantly fascinated by the splendor, wonders and secrets of our breathless nature. I am inspired to capture and depict its beauty at various scales, from the majestic views to the enchanting details. It teaches me to venerate and revere.

Exploring Cities and Countries

Visiting other cities and countries helps me to build awarenes and develop respect for different opinions, customs and cultures. I love experiencing cities that have various characteristics and seeing how they have an impact on people's life.

Empathizing Human Beings and Emotions

Photography enables me to capture the genuine moments and emotions of human beings, so that they can last and never fade away. Through my lens I help people see the beauty in themselves, not just the appearance.

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